About Mohokare Trust

Mohokare Trust exists as a charitable institution to advance scholarly research and publication on the historical Lesotho and nearby areas which today include the eastern Free State, and in particular to maintain the activities of the Lesotho Annotated Bibliography, which covers in 201 sections all published and informally published materials of Lesotho relevance including books, periodicals, documents, maps and theses, and selected archival materials. Its principal researcher is David Ambrose who has over 100 relevant publications, which were originally produced using the imprint House 9 Publications.

The large collection of materials is currently housed in a historic house in Ladybrand, Free State, South Africa, some 16 km from Maseru, capital of Lesotho. The house and collection, including a bookshop of mainly Lesotho research materials, is willed to the Trust. The collection includes the stock of over 100 House 9 Publications in the bookshop, which also has other items, mainly in English, French and Sesotho, but also some other languages.